#TheDailyByte: Puma created a robot as fast as Usain Bolt!

Mood Indigo   May 3, 2016   No Comments

As you probably know, there are plenty of IOT-connected devices out there. From the useful (ACs, TVs), the questionable (refrigerators, washing machines) to the downright WTF-worthy (toothbrushes, and um, this). But like I’ve said before in this section, IOT marketing is going to start taking off and we need to start thinking wearables and physical devices – being useful to people, and be relevant to the brand creating it as well.

Here’s one such inspiration: Puma created a robot that can be your running buddy. You can program it to go as fast as you want – even Usain Bolt’s world record speed.

Check out the video of this piece of genius by Puma & JWT (and Usain Bolt taunting you) here.


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