#TheDailyByte: A pretty interesting stat related to mobile gaming

Mood Indigo   May 10, 2016   1 Comment

Today, I share a pretty interesting statistic with you guys:

Apparently, women in India who have downloaded games in India are more likely to play them regularly than men.


However, the number of men who have downloaded games outnumber women by quite a bit.


Interesting though. Essentially what we’re saying is – even though the number of women playing games is lower, they are more likely to be more engaged with it.

Stats via eMarketer

One thought on “#TheDailyByte: A pretty interesting stat related to mobile gaming

  1. dhirendra parikh

    Dear Statformer
    Its Interesting to know that mobile gaming has crept up Indian sleeves right to the shoulders ! Both Men & Women.
    This seems to be certainly a lucrative media for marketing products or services. Recently while playing Angry Birds 2, I saw that Cadbury used to provide free hitting chocolate birdies !
    nice stats


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