High, but no longer mighty

marilyn   April 5, 2013   No Comments

Gadget God, Sunil Kher, was unceremoniously brought back down to earth today. After locking himself in the balcony of his hotel room at Goafest, he was rescued by mere mortals armed with nothing but a pre-historic ladder, a post-jurassic hammer and a Harappan screwdriver. When asked to comment, his unsurprising response was, “There should be an app for this.”

The only thing that kept him going through his agonizing plight was his trusted sidekick – the iPhone 5. And of course his fellow Indigoans – Satwick and Navin – who were there the entire time, keeping a watch on Sunil from below (while having a good laugh albeit).

Check out the live Twitter commentary and the pictures (sure to make your weekend :P):

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