Santa visits our digital crib

marilyn   December 27, 2012   1 Comment

Santa Claus came to visit us on Christmas Eve. Interestingly, skeptics and believers alike agreed that he looked suspiciously like someone we know :’)

Bearing fortune cookies, Santa went around spreading the Christmas cheer with his trusted, guitar-playing elf, Alok (who has promised to learn the actual lyrics of the Christmas Carols for next year :p).

Inside every cookie was the message from Santa himself, along with a special number. To some it read: HO HO HO! See what Santa has in store for you and for others: Tis the season to be lucky, fa la la la la, la la ka-ching! It seems that only five of us were good this year, at least that’s what the digital slot machine proved after entering Santa’s delivery code.

To the goody two shoes (Navin, Ratish, Gauri, Amithkumar & Rohan), we would just like to say, “Booohooooo!”

For those who were not around to see it and for those who were (but want another laugh), check out Santa Claus and his elf doing the rounds:

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