Bidding adieu to Sun Mill Compound

marilyn   December 28, 2012   No Comments

We have been talking about it for months – our move to the ‘new office’. While the technical and logistic modalities were being chalked out over the course of these months, many a tea sessions have been spent deliberating the pros and cons of the move. And now, the time has finally arrived for this shift to materialize, as today not only marks our last working day of 2012, but also the last day of our check-in at Sun Mill Compound.

Saying good-bye is definitely a bitter sweet moment! While we all will miss our respective offices – Adhyaru, Cama 1, Cama 2 and Cama 3 and the memories of working late nights or playing CS, the upside is we all get to be together now.

Share how you plan to say goodbye?



Reminder: Come January 2, don’t forget to reprogram your GPS system to our new headquarters at Parel! :)

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