Who’s the biggest loser of them all?

marilyn   September 26, 2012   3 Comments

How would you feel if you were the biggest loser of them all? Well, Satwick seems to be absolutely elated with his new title. And rightly so! Who wouldn’t want to shed 7.9 kg and be rewarded for it?

On September 25, 2012, Satwick was declared the winner of Indigo’s Biggest Loser Jeetega competition, surpassing runner-up Manasi Kapadia by 3.9kg.

The grand finale turned out to be a comic fest – with a couple (who shall remain nameless) leaving our Adhyaru office heavier than their first weigh-in! Of course, there were some genuinely disappointed that their efforts to eat healthy and avoid all things tasty for two whole months did not pay off. But, for our more ‘sporting’ participants, they were just relieved to ditch their boring diets and headed to the first fast-food joint in sight.



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