We are family…

Alistair   February 29, 2012   No Comments

We all know how an office is like a second home and our colleagues a second family to us. The Indigo family is not any different. In fact, for some of us, we really are family!

We’ve got a brother sister duo, we’ve got twin sisters, brothers, a husband-wife jodi and we’ve got cousins working together. In fact we even had Mr Shetty and his son working with Indigo Consulting at one point of time.

Our brother sister duo, Ramesh and Jayshree (who by the way, are also quite literally the Prince and Princess of the Tech Kingdom) love having each other around at the work place. Big bro Ramesh says, “It’s fun working with Jayshree. There is a good understanding between us which comes in really handy when we have to work together on various projects. Also as siblings we obviously understand each other well (and our moods) which helps us in tackling certain situations! Sometimes we have to adjust our timings accordingly in order to attend family/social functions…but otherwise it’s all good.” Besides Ramesh and Jayshree, brothers Deepak and Prakash are the second set of siblings working in the same team.

For Zainab, working with her twin sister Fatema, was just an extension of their relationship from the day they were born. “I joined Indigo a year after Fatema did, so I already knew what was in store for me. It was pretty cool because even when I came down for an interview, people here already knew who I was. I never really did feel like a new comer and was never alone with Fatema around. Travelling together, having lunch together and even discussing work related issues made me feel very comfortable.”

Cousins, Mangesh and Vijay, too have their fair share of fun though working in different departments. “We make a good team and I enjoy working with Vijay” says Mangesh who introduced Vijay to Indigo Consulting.

Our husband-wife jodi, Vaibhav and Jyoti are only too happy with their working arrangement. They get to come in together and leave office together. What more could a couple ask for!

We can’t wait to add more ‘family members’ to our family. Coming to think of it, a parent-child duo would be fantastic…All the Mummies and Daddies at Indigo, are y’all listening???

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