The diary of a KKR fan from Indigo Consulting

Alistair   May 26, 2011   2 Comments

Wednesday 25th May 2011

Dear Diary,

Today, has been one of my most fun days at Indigo Consulting (most of it was spent outside office). One of our most exciting clients, KKR, decided to hand out free passes to a few of us for their epic playoff against Mumbai Indians. This is how the events of the evening unfolded….

  • We left Lower Parel at only about 7:45 pm owing to our extremely busy schedules.
  • Reached Churchgate to be greeted by an ocean of MI supporters all in blue MI jerseys (but we weren’t deterred).
  • A long walk (probably 1.5kms) from the station to the University ground and finally into Wankhede.
  • I was especially late since I had to go to a friend’s place in Cuffe Parade to drop off my bag (which wasn’t allowed in the stadium)
  • When I walked in the score was a heart-breaking 49-4 and KKR seemed to be struggling. But I also happened to be their good luck charm :) as KKR climbed swiftly to 100 runs. They managed a respectable total of 147 runs. One of Yusuf Pathan’s six landed metres from us and some lucky guy caught it n won himself some goodies.

  • The cheerleaders weren’t too far away from us and for every boundary that KKR hit, they danced. And so did we :)

  • People were going crazy: the noise levels were insanely high and there was a Mexican wave  (along with the heat wave) happening every few minutes.

  • Brett Lee waved to us from the boundary and so did Harsha Bhogle when he was walking to the studio.

  • We feasted on Pizza, Potato wafers and Coke aka dinner.
  • The MI batting was explosive from the start with both openers Sachin and Blizzard smacking the hell out of every ball. But the KKR bowlers soon caught up and took a few quick wickets, slowing down the run rate.
  • It looked like MI would make a clean sweep of the game but that wasn’t to be. KKR kept fighting and the match dragged on till the last over. The enormous support for MI was more than evident but we cheered on for KKR.
  • Bhajji wrapped the game up with a six that also happened to land close to us, putting an end to the thrilling game.
  • Then began the grueling task of getting ourselves a taxi that am super tired to write about right now.

Damn! It’s 1 AM ….Gotta get up for work tomorrow…Yaaaaaawwwwn. Gnite!

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