Loser Update!

Alistair   January 19, 2011   1 Comment

As most of you know, Indigo’s Biggest Loser Jeetega competition is underway and now almost 10 days into the competition, the participants are trying their best to lose the extra kilos even if it means skipping a meal or taking the stairs instead of the lift!

To ensure that they lose weight the right way, we had a dietitian come in earlier this week and conduct a general session on nutrition for weight management. The session helped the participants understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and also the DOs and DON’Ts while making a diet plan. While most of them cringed at the mention of food items they should be consuming, the ‘Workout at Work’ section, had them learn of some simple ‘do it yourself’ exercise routines while at their desk.

The participants were then involved in a practical demonstration which involved a detailed analysis of their body fat, body muscle and body water percentage. With this, they were able to understand the exact proportion of fat, muscle and water with respect to their current weight and were informed of their ideal weight significant to their BMI.

With the dietitian’s session over and motivational posters put up in all our offices, our ‘losers’ have no excuse to sit back and take this competition lightly. We didn’t promise them a ‘heavy’ prize for nothing now, did we?

Oh and to add an element of mystery to this competition, we have a secret contender vying for the Biggest Loser Jeetega title….our participants will have to wait for a few days until we reveal just who this secret contender is ;)

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