Jim on a Rise!

Alistair   January 14, 2011   No Comments

Guess what Jim from our creative team was upto last weekend? Â He was involved in a Jumprope demonstration session at IIT Powai campus with his close friend Maarten and his world famous Jumprope crew; Double Dutch Force who were down in Mumbai for IIT Techfest 2010.

For those who don’t know this yet, Jim is a Jumprope enthusiast and an expert in the sport for a long time now (he is the Vice President and Technical Head of the RSFI – Rope Skipping Federation of India) and Maarten is an old friend who helped him train in the sport since 2001! In fact, Maarten was featured prominently in the Rise Up video where we can watch him perform with his team mates in what is the highlight of the world famous track by Yves Larock. He now performs with and manages his Jumprope crew DDF – Double Dutch Force. The team performs about 150 shows a year with references in 30 countries!!

Talking about his passion for the sport, Jim says “It all started of as an exercise routine. I soon learnt that there was far more that one could do with a skipping rope as opposed to simple exercise. On further research I was introduced to the sport ‘Jumprope’ and actually learnt to master the technique by watching videos of Maarten and other friends. This hobby soon developed into a passion and now nine years later, being an official of the RSFI and having helped organize 11 Nationals and 1 Asian Championship, my aim is to take the sport to the Olympics”

Not many know this, but Jim was red belt in Tae Kwon Do , a state level athlete and was registered as a participant on the reality show India’s Got Talent, where he along with his friends got through the first two rounds of the television show.

So while Jim keeps rising above levels, we at Indigo are proud and happy to support him in his endeavor to give this under rated sport its due recognition and credibility.

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