Indigo’s Biggest Loser is back!

Alistair   January 10, 2011   No Comments

Let the title not startle you…we don’t have anybody short of a winner working with us. What we do have though is a very enthusiastic and motivated group of Indigoans who only want to be healthier and stay fit.

Indigo’s Biggest Loser Jeetega – Season 2 has officially begun and we have a bunch of 25 Indigoans from all our offices, very keen and determined to fight temptation and lose those extra pounds over the next two months. Now they say their reason of motivation is to get in shape, stay healthy, lose the flab before their wedding and what not…..but we all know that the actual reason to win is the hefty gift voucher that the winner shall walk away with, entitling them to a whole new wardrobe at the end of two months…. (If only I had something to lose :( )

The Mean Machine

So for my fellow colleagues participating, I wish you all the best…. May you fight those fats, sugar and calories and actually witness the whole ‘before and after’ experience.

And for those just reading this and wondering how cool we are to have such competitions for our employees, stay tuned and keep checking this blog for more updates :)

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