Be a Geek….Be Cool. Be Arjun Siva!

Alistair   January 31, 2011   2 Comments

* Italic font refers to statements suggested by Mr. Arjun Siva, himself.

Who knew being a geek could be so rewarding! After Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other brainy intellects, we have Arjun Siva joining the likes of the above personalities to bag the honor of being termed as ‘Geek Ultimo’

Arjun and his fellow quizzer pal, Rohan, secured first place at the recently concluded, Biz Quiz, the quizzing platform of Manfest 2011 – IIM Lucknow’s annual International Business Conclave.

So wait….before you start cribbing ‘Big deal, what’s so geek ultimo in that… blah blah’, you should know that Arjun and Rohan secured first place in the preliminary round, beating out the other sixty (yes…60!!) odd teams to qualify for the final round. The dynamic duo then took on the final round, competing with five other teams to be crowned the winners of Biz Quiz 2011.

The quiz was conducted by noted television presenter, Gautam Bhimani and made Arjun richer by 25,000 rupees! (He vows to spend all that on fresh fruits and vegetables, courtesy: Indigo’s Biggest Loser Jeetega)

Quizzing is to Arjun what Items numbers are to Rakhi Sawant…errr what am trying to say is that, Arjun is known to kick ass at Quiz competitions.  Last year, along with Shashi, he had secured third place in the Advtg & Media round, at the prestigious Brand Equity Quiz.

Realizing the brain power that exists within our Indigo walls, we wonder if we have more of such Arjuns and Shashis to join our formidable Geek Gang. So try your hand at these questions below… Help us, help you figure out just how geeky you are.

Q1. ‘Let’s Catch Up’ is the line for which social network?

Q2. The story begins in late 19th century when a nationally renowned physician and famous philanthropist from Jamnagar, nicknamed X, started making products for his personal practice. Later, his grandson opened a pharmacy to produce and market products of X. Currently X produces more than 300 products using over 200 medicinal herbs. Identify X.

Q3. Noesis, Victom and Neucom are amongst the companies set up by which controversial person?

Q4. One of the companies that the US govt. bailed out during recession recently went in for an IPO. It beat the records to claim the highest public offering by 1 billion. Name the company.

Q5. Which US news Web site has the slogan ‘The Social Media Guide’?

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