Tis the season to be jolly…

Alistair   December 30, 2010   No Comments

And jolly it was indeed, thanks to Girish and team who decked our office halls at the start of the festive week with awesome Christmas decor. All our offices had their very own X’mas Tree!

The 24th of December saw team Indigo adorn reds, greens and whites while they geared up for a festive Friday. Keeping in the spirit of the season, snow sprays, snacks, Christmas cake, breezers, beers and fun activities like Secret Santa and Fishpond ensured that everyone was happy and cheerful.

The surprise and fun in receiving gifts from an unknown colleague was at its best, when Vikas’ Secret Santa got him a pen along with a message asking him to sign the cheques on time! With some naughty secret santas amongst us, Prashant was left with a super huge gift to unwrap …and well that’s all he did for quite sometime until he finally found his ‘Aftershave’ under all that gift paper!

Last year’s most popular X’mas party activity, Fishpond was played again with people still very eager and having loads to say about/to each other. The ‘popular’ winner with the most number of messages was Ramesh who was closely followed by Prashant. As usual, some messages were just too good to be forgotten. Here are a couple of them…

And with that we look forward to a brighter and prosperous 2011!

Fa la la la la, la la la la…

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