Team Indigo Shows How It’s Done

Alistair   August 27, 2010   2 Comments

Two of our offices i.e. Cama 1 and Cama 2 faced a major setback last week due to a fire that broke out on the second floor above Cama 1 which resulted in both the offices being shut down. With a packed project delivery schedule, the entire team worked towards fighting the chaos and successfully met all deadlines.

So just how did they manage to pull it all off so well???

Heres How:

– Everyone took responsibility to help make the best of the given obstacle laden track they found themselves on.

– A lot and we mean A LOT of adjustments were made to ensure work did not suffer

– The main office was abuzz with people transferring over office equipments from the Cama 1 and Cama 2

– Employees bent their schedule by working from home, shuttling between offices, various departments co operated with each other and Graciously (notice the capital ‘G’) shared computers and work stations.

 At the end of all the commotion, the one thing that stood unaffected was ‘Business’

Check out some visual proof of them displaying their ‘Coping with Crisis’ strategy….pictures courtesy Vivek.Â

From Days when Cama 1 and 2 were down
From Days when Cama 1 and 2 were down

Being new out here I am certainly proud to learn that I am part of this very same team of individuals.

Kudos to everyone for getting the tough going :)

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