Mile Sur Mera Tumhara…….

Alistair   August 17, 2010   No Comments

Personally, when I read the Independence Day celebrations mailer, I was bored to see the same old stuff happening. Singing (group – solo), skits, quizzes, traditional dress code and free food.

But I’ve to say (credits to the organising team – Devang, Punam, Ramesh and others I may be forgetting), this year turned out to be so much fun.

It’s basically the people who matter and not just the activities. Point taken.

The pictures are testimony to it. And I am going to brag about the prize we bagged for our superbbb group singing effort. The creative team rocked.

Special mention here about the skit enacted by Prashant Gupta & team. Cool act guys, satirical take on the state of things. And Deepak Tripathi, who floored everyone with his rendition of Rafi classics. What a find!!

Also a special mention for the Mool team who the BizDev group slyly included in their group – and it turned out to be a killer move. The mellifluous voices of Madhura and Ashika helped the group bad the first prize in group singing.

Of course, it won the 1st prize.

P. S. Devang, we still haven’t received our prize goodies. Now, that its officially on the blog, I hope somebody is listening.

PPS: And no offense, but here’s a a “different” take on Group Singing ;-)

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