Indigo Consulting at Brand Equity ’10

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Updated with answers. No one gets an AV by the way. Go win one for yourself next BE Quiz.

1. Who wrote “India – how to succeed without Tears”?

A. R K Swamy

2. What first did The Wheaties Quartet give the world?

A. The first jingle

3. ____, ____, _____ aur Sushma – Sabki Pasand Nirma (Fill in the blanks)

A. Hema, Rekha, Jaya (in some order)

If you know the answers to these questions – then you should have been with us at yesterdays Brand Equity quiz at St. Andrews Auditorium.

Shashi and I were first team to ever represent Indigo Consulting at the Brand Equity Quiz yesterday. Participating in the Advtg & Media round, we topped the prelims with a whopping score of 8 on 10, answering some tough questions on the way, apart from the aforementioned 3. This then took us to the on-stage finals.

On stage, there was a different scene altogether. The top 6 teams fought it out through a buzzer round. We faltered initially, garnering negative points and languishing in last position. But it was a final burst of brilliance from that picked us up from the doldrums to win 3rd position, 5000 Rs. of vouchers, a 250GB HDD, a cool watch, a not-so-cool cell phone and an anti-virus (WTF?!)

Hence proven, it pays to be a nerd!

Some more qns

4. Who had to be paid by the state of Maharashtra for Bombay to be its capital?

A. The State of Gujarat.
5. In 1930, 2 Tolas of what was auctioned for Rs. 525/- to Seth Ranchhod Shodhan, a mill-owner of Ahmedabad?
A. Salt

6. According to management Guru Sumantra Ghosal, Frenzied, Detached, Purposeful & Procrastinators are 4 types ofwhat?.
A. Managers

7. What 5′ long and 8′ wide Mumbai landmark was created by Bhagwan Rampure, a sculptor from Pune?

A. The Dalal Street Bull (you can see it outside the stock market)
8. An ad that appears on a webpage in the part of the page that is visible without scrolling is called Above The _____ ?
A. About the fold

9. Which brand took its current name from the title of a painting that was used as its publicity material?


10. What 7 letter word connects the Media world, a place in New York and the 4th President of the USA?

A. Madison

11. What is cascaded advertising?

A. When you release a big ad and then keep releasing smaller ads subsequently

12. What is fly posting?

A. When you post flyers on buildings where it is illegal to do so (for e.g. on govt buildings, )

13. If you are creating a brand name, and you use a “neologism” what are you doing?

A. Creating a new word (like Google, Kodak, Zapak).

14. For which brand were fantasms created as brand ambassadors?

A. Fanta

15. What are “ear worms”?

A. Jingles

Post your answers in the comments and you may just win an antivirus [depends on my mood, and security needs at that time ;)]

– Arjun

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