Picnics are for kids. It’s for the ones who have nothing better to do.

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Picnics are for kids. It’s for the ones who have nothing better to do.

Riiight….. !!!!

This is exactly what we heard from the few who couldn’t make it to the Indigo annual picnic. Well, it seemed they were desperately trying to hide their disappointment for missing the fun. Even before hearing what all happened at this much-awaited do, they could sense they had missed something really big looking at the ecstatic expressions on the faces of the ones who had gone for it.

They looked fresh even after the 2-days expedition, were more spirited than ever, all charged-up and ready to take on more challenges. That’s the after-effect of an Indigo picnic.

Occasion: Indigo Annual Picnic

Venue: Matheran

I am sure most of us have visited Matheran before. But going there with your colleagues is one fun you can never imagine of. Some had got their cars but most of them traveled by train and trekked their way to the hotel. It was fun, just as the pictures confirm, nobody seemed tired.

After relishing a fitting breakfast, every one was ready to show off their gaming skills. That’s when I actually realised games are a good way of striking a conversation. The two days spent there gave ample time of interaction and today each one knows the other person’s name, address, job profile, hobbies, skills so on and so forth.

After some splashes in the pool and some more games, the evening was spent visiting the echo-points and sunset points of Matheran. And then it was time to get ready for the partyyy!!!

Donned in their best party wear, Indigoans were ready to rock and roll. The night was kicked off with the distribution of certificates and goodies for some outstanding contribution to the growth of Indigo.

And then began the dancing, drinking, merry making and the fun. The DJ must have gotten tired but not Indigoans. They were thumping to the beats just the same. There was a bonfire lit later and songs were sung in a spirit of camaraderie.

People started retiring to their rooms by 2.30 and some were up till the wee hours of the next morning jamming and revealing nosy secrets in a state of drunken stupor, whose memory nobody has or so they maintain..lolz… J

As all good things come to an end…the trip also ended with Indigoans getting to know their peers better. And like each year, this year too was super fun leaving each wanting for more…probably just a few more hours of it.

Really, it takes a sprained knee and a really solid reason to not go for the Indigo annual picnic….ask Dishpa!! Till next year….

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