Long Distance Biryani

Shashi   October 31, 2009   No Comments

Upon being told “Suna hai Mughals ne biryani Afghanistan se laya tha” Imzy replied: “Usme kya hua. Main Mira Road se laaonga.”

And so we had the Great Biryani Wednesday at Indigo Consulting with Imtiyaaz getting 2 HUGE cauldrons of biryani: one veg, one chicken. 2 people carried the biryanis and the side-dishes all the way from Mira Road, throwing thousands of commuters on the Western Line into a tizzy with the fragrance wafting around in the train compartment.

Imtiyaz with Biryani Providers

Setting Biryani Standards

The biryani was fantastic – everyone knows Imzy has high standards when it comes to food. After second helpings and third (in some cases) the 80 people in Indigo looked hopefully for paan and hookahs to round off the whole Nawab experience.



Back-Up Plan of the Day Award: Jaishree Wagh, who, in anticipation of logistics problems of getting biryani from Mira Road to Lower Parel, got her dabba to work.

Overheard: Priyanka to Dean “Suna hai Tamilians ne Tequila Mexico se laya tha.”

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