Hi – jacked – High on Black Jack :-)

Samiir Halady   May 7, 2009   No Comments

Blackjack was just one of the games that night in Bandra. Black was the favourite colour to wear. Things had been looking black for Saurav’s boys in the league.

That was where gold took over. Gold is the other colour in the kkr.in website theme. Golden ale flowed. Hair colors glistened in the colourful lights. Golden Oldie songs played, alternated with the blare of the new block-stompers. There was an intricate pole-dancing program that was executed neatly line by line with technical virtuosity (!)

Prizes galore for the gals and guys, a tough quiz about kkr.in for the team that built it ( again prizes!) in which Navin cleverly added +1 to Shashi’s answer to make the closest guess to the current Visitor No. on the Knight Riders site. Jyoti and Priti passing on lots of prizes. A cheer for the Delhi team ( Indigo’s Daredevils! ) and the evening advanced… the dancing didn’t slow as a spell of bhangra was bunged in! An orbiting Devang doing the rounds to ensure everyone in every nook was doing fine and being part of the action.

The golden moments on karaoke as Vikas led a merry chorus doing “Take A Look At Me Now” and “How Deep Is Your Love” in a serenading 70s style. The witty DJ-ing throughout. The girls arm-wrestling which was a keenly contested event. The crowd egging on…followed by a guy-thing in which even the tables survived and no one tore any cartilage.

In sum, this party simply won hands-down over anything else that could have been thought up for a Friday evening.

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