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After trekking to the relatively easy Lohagad the group wanted to take up bigger challenges. Bhimashankar is one of the most beautiful treks in this part of the country and in the monsoons it is sheer heaven. It is also quite a long trek and takes around 5 – 6 hours.

The group left Indigo as soon as the working hours were over and travelled to Karjat where they stayed at the Van Vihar lodge at Kondana. After a wonderful night at VanVihar, the Indigoites travelled to Khandas which is the base point for the Bhimashankar trek and started this most scenic trek at around 8 a.m Words can never be a substitute for pictures.

Bhimashankar trek has three routes. We decided to take the easiest but the most scenic route. The other routes were not only tough but extremely dangerous in the monsoons. This route (Ganpati ghat) consists of three climbs. There is a well defined route all through but the climbs can be quite tiring. In between these climbs there are walks through dense jungle which is the perfect example of a tropical forest.

As Indigoites we have this habit of not sticking to the ordinary. We didnt keep going by the beaten path and used the opportunity to explore the beauty of the jungles. As a result we got to see some spots which I had never imagined during my previous visits to the place. Some of them were simply stunning. We were literally left gaping at the natural beauty.

The forest was so dense that the suns rays were not even reaching the ground and it was quite dark at some places at the peak of noon. To add to the fun was a wonderful waterfall which we bathed under and refreshed ourselves for the remaining part of the trek.

Towards the end we were all quite tired but we made it. It was a great team completing a great trek.

Descriptions however vivid can never replace pictures.

Click this link to have a look at the photos.

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