The Indigo Song…

Vikas Tandon   December 14, 2006   No Comments

How can we miss this piece of art by Sonesh! here it goes…
The Indigo Song.

Mr. Vikas is the family’s indomitable head
Web Solutions bring home our daily bread
Technology & Creativity form our portfolio spread
But…Of a lost pitch, we certainly do dread

The workplace is done up real nice
A prospective employee…it does entice
Metal Sheets, soft hues..all add up the spice
The blend’s perfect, like champagne on ice

Devang Bhai does the “family planning�?
Mr. Shetty does the account scanning
Stanley makes sure ….we’re all grinning
A welcome break…when our heads start spinning

Priti makes sure that we’re all on our toes
Anuya works hard through her allergy woes
And Pragati, through her creativity shows
…..With “Vikas’s Angels�?, the shop doesn’t close

The technical team …I’m a little less acquainted
The burden they carry….Oh! I would’ve fainted
Its ‘cos of them, Indigo’s reputation ain’t tainted
Behind the “front-end�?, a coat of “back-end�? is painted

“HDFC Bank�?, was our capability put to test
Utilized limited time and resources to the best
We literally forgot the meaning of “REST�?
An endeavor filled with determination and zest

Rejecting quite a few offers during placement season
Joining “Indigo�? has been a much calculated decision
For making these statements, I have my own reason
Glad!!!, I ain’t another soul in some mundane corporate legion

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