Indigo’s Jumping Jack – Jeemutbahan a.k.a Jim

Vikas Tandon   November 23, 2006   No Comments

Ever looked at rope skipping as a championship sport?? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that there is a professional organization for Rope Skipping Enthusiasts in India under the aegis of Rope Skipping Federation of India(RSFI). Indigo’s very own creative mastermind – Jeemutbahan Roy a.k.a Jim happens to be the vice-president and technical head of RSFI. Recently, his team comprising of 4 children from the age group of 11 and upwards bagged laurels at the 7th National Rope Skipping Championships organized by Rope Skipping Federation of Madhya Pradesh (Yeah….there are state level initiatives too) at Bhopal.

A detailed account of their heroics was published in Nov 22nd Edition of DNA, as shown adjacently.

As Jim says in the concluding lines of the article,”Rope Skipping is equivalent to 40 minutes jogging and 20 minutes of swimming. Besides the sport dosent require much equipment.”
So…what are you all waiting for?? Put on your JUMPING SHOES and skip your way to a healthy life.

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