It Works!

Vikas Tandon   August 1, 2006   No Comments

It was meant to be a long-overdue (and I daresay, well-deserved) break. But it was also meant to be something else. A test of whether Indigo Consulting can breathe by itself.

Am happy to report it can. And does it well.

While I was away on vacation for 5 long weeks in Jun-Jul, Pragati, Jyoti, Sanjeev, Devang and the rest of the team not only kept the fires burning, but also battled floods, riots and bombings in the process.

Besides managing existing clients and projects, Indigo Consulting won several new high profile accounts: ABN Amro Bank, Johnson & Johnson, UTI Bank, HDFC Realty, and IIM Lucknow Alumni Association.

Perhaps its best I’m always away? ;-)

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