Project Title: Mahindra & Mahindra Corporate Group Mobile Site

Company Name: UX Labs

Client Name: Mahindra & Mahindra Corporate Group

Contact Person: Marilyn Fernandes                Email:

Live Project URL:

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Project description:

Mahindra & Mahindra is a leading manufacturing brand from India which spans ten business sectors across eighteen industries. The project aims to spread the company’s online presence by embracing the mobile space and be accessible everywhere. The mobile optimized websites were meant to be modern, engaging and designed to showcase the company’s technology-focused outlook.    

The Project Purpose:

·         Reflect and reinforce Mahindra & Mahindra’s commitment to innovation and creation through a well structured and innovative mobile optimized site

·         Promote M&M as a company that focuses on new technology

·         Increase brand awareness by making it accessible to people in rural areas

·         Allow consumers to get in touch with the company anytime and anywhere.

·         Reflect M&M position as a leading manufacturing brand


Business or organizational goals and challenges, and how these were addressed (if relevant to the project):

        Serve as a single destination for quick information (for all the user segments in the TG) about the Mahindra Group

        Contribute to brand building and brand awareness by showcasing the Mahindra Group’s diversity and commitment to manufacturing and technology

        Provide a consistent brand experience for the ‘Mahindra’ brand across the mobile platform



User Goals:

·         Look for information related to products and services

·         Read existing customer testimonials

·         Look to further one’s career prospects with the company

·         Access financial, annual and other reports

·         View top executive’s videos and speeches

·         Access information related to dealership/supplier policies and documentation required

·         View the latest press releases and news



User experience process, methodology and approaches, including usability methods and any user input that was incorporated:

      Empathise: Understanding the user’s needs helps create a user-centric design

      Define:  Defining the scope of the project

      Ideate: Exploring various concepts and generating as many ideas as possible

      Prototype: Refining concepts and creating prototypes using Balsamiq mockups

      Test: Usability testing of the generated prototypes


Target audience(s):

         Customers  (existing/prospective)     

         Employees  (prospective/employees)

         Investors  (analysts, others from financial community)

         Partners (Dealers/Vendors/JV partners/Suppliers)



Notable, unusual or innovative user experience components:

·         Company operations explained in an infographic way. The phone has to be rotated in a landscape mode for user to enjoy the experience and also get the relevant information easily. The operations are displayed on the map and user will have to click on the region to see the specific information. (Who we are >> Mahindra around the world)

·        This website is quite content heavy and users can get overwhelmed with the amount of information they see at first glance. Hence, we used a very simple and minimalistic approach which consisted of dividing the screen of the interface into accordion. This approach ensures that users are able to focus on bits of information at a time and enjoy the clutter-free experience.

Why this project delivers an exceptional user experience and merits a UX Award:

·         The experience delivers tremendous information in a well-structured manner and provides highly intuitive interactions

·         One can easily navigate the site without feeling lost

·         All the necessary content is displayed upfront or is just a click away

·         The overall experience is engaging and consistent across smart phones and feature phones, thus taking into account all devices.























                                                                                Screen 1 - Home



                                                          Screen 2 – Commercial vehicles



m&m_smartphn_interactive map_v2

                                                          Screen 3 – Locate Us