What you should be doing to promote your company online

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What you should be doing to promote your company online

Getting the right kind of traffic on your website is of utmost importance to your business. With a website that is designed the right way, you can pretty much get your business soaring in no time. Since the digital age, there has been nothing as important as your website. Getting the right traffic can boost your business to new heights, but how do you get that traffic? What must you be doing to ensure that you are getting genuine and meaningful traffic onto your website? If you think about it, there are just too many different answers to this question – but the most legitimate and simple answers lie ahead.

The right design for your website is the first step towards generating higher traffic. Irrespective of e commerce being implemented on your website or not – there is still a lot of selling that has to be done on your website. You need to keep the website –

1. Easy to load and navigate

2. Crisp and quick to understand

3. Clear with content.

Right from the second your prospect keys in your domain name, your website and business is in play. You need to ensure that the website speed is quick enough to load as soon as possible. Typically, you would want this to be under 2-3 seconds – it just seems like ages other wise and you would see drop offs right at the start. If you have a website already, speak to your web services agency to check the website load speed and the needed steps to bring it down.

Secondly, the website needs to be made in the easiest manner for a person to navigate. A clean navigation line should do the work to get this perfected. You would want a user to be able to get to their product or order execution page quickly enough and an easy subdomain structure would help greatly too.

With mobile traffic beating desktop traffic by a mile today, you would want to have your website mobile ready too. Google in fact gives great weightage on the mobile – readiness of your website and getting high traffic from SEO would become easier. Having a mobile app too plays a very important role in getting constant brand recall and interacting with your customers on a daily basis – most brands for that matter have shifted to a desktop, mobile and app version to keep it as easy as possible for their customers.

Lastly, you want your website to have the right content for a user to be able to grasp what you are offering in the right manner. Of course, you would want to keep separate pages for different offerings – especially on the SEO front to increase the unique visitors on specific pages. If you are able to get your website rank for the right keywords, there is no doubt that you would be able to get plenty of relevant traffic for your pages. Chalk out a plan with your web application development services agency right from the time you decide on domain registration on how to improve the delivery of your website. Most people look at a website as a one-time activity, in reality it is an ongoing task that would need constant improvements. If you have a website that would have frequent product updates and changes, speak to your agency on a maintenance contract for the same too.

It might seem like a lot to do, but with the right web application development company, it should be a walk in the park. You would want to keep your line of work as secure as can be when it has to do with your website design, SEO or maintenance – so narrow down on an agency accordingly. If you have the requirement of an application to be built for your service – start work on it right away as it is one of the preferred ways today for someone to interact with your business.

Making it easier for your prospects is step one and the most important step for your business. If you have been thinking about getting a website revamp or a design done – get your checklist out and be sure you have all the requirements listed down.

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