Men in blue

marilyn   October 29, 2012   No Comments

Nothing can come in the way of their mission. Not weekend laziness, not the weather, not even their digital addiction! Our men in blue have been slogging it out (okay, a bit of an exaggeration here) every Saturday morning at Shivaji Park in preparation for the Agency and Media League Cricket Tournament.

Under the captaincy of Amit, our Indigoans are determined to walk away victorious at the tournament, slated to commence in January 2013. Apparently, the guys set challenges for the last few overs of the game like scoring 12-15 runs within 6 balls to up the ante of the net practice sessions.

Of course, there is a secret (that they have tried to keep under wraps) behind their motivation. A very reliable source reveals that for every wicket, the bowler gets an hour-glass shaped, blonde item. Just in case you get the wrong idea, it’s a bottle of beer that’s got all the guys fielding as if their life depended on it (Gotcha there!).

According to Vijay Ozarkar, 2013 will be Indigo’s year to shine at the tournament. And we really hope it is.

Rooting for Team Indigo!

L to R: Prashant K, Ramu, Snehal, Shivkumar, Abhay, Vijay Rathod, Amit, Prashant P, Sagar, Venkatesh, Vijay Ozarkar, Nitin. Missing in the picture: Gajanan & Arjun

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