Alistair   May 31, 2011   1 Comment

Our Indigo footballers participated at a Corporate Football Tournament organized by Ra this weekend. The one day tournament was held at the Karnataka Association Ground.

Team Indigo Consulting was captained by Shashi and grouped with Colgate and HDFC A-Team and did considerably well though it was HDFC who qualified to the next round.

The group match results were as follows:

Indigo Consulting 1-1 Colgate
Indigo Consulting 0-2 HDFC
Colgate 0-3 HDFC

The two teams qualifying for the finals were Customs and Deutsche Bank, with Customs having won in penalties 5-4.

Other participating teams included: Draft FCB + Ulca, Indigo Airlines, TCS, Kotak etc.

Hmmmm… coming to think of it, since we’ve participated in a cricket and football tournament this year already, it makes perfect sense to get a hockey team in place now… don’t you think?? :)

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