We Lit a Different Spark this Diwali

Alistair   December 21, 2010   No Comments

Diwali is the most awaited festival in our country and in our offices too. Yes, we admit that the soaring anticipation levels on that day of celebration might have a tad bit to do with the awesome diwali lunch, puja gathering, gifts, diwali mithai, rangoli design events, jam sessions etc. but this time we also focused our minds on doing something different, something more…

We have pledged to collect Rs 1,00,000 in support of an NGO called Sita Gramoudyog Vikas Sansthan and for this purpose, we have set up an iGive pledge page where others who want to join this cause can also contribute.

Our chosen NGO, SGVS, started in 1991 when Central Bihar was affected by the naxalite movement. Due to this factor the region was undeveloped. Due to non-implementation of development programmes in the area there was lack of basic infrastructure along with extreme poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Keeping in mind the graveness of the situation, SGVS started with restoring peace and harmony in the area.

We believe that the joy that comes with celebrating Diwali should not be confined to the festival period but throughout the year and more so should be experienced by everyone irrespective of their ability to celebrate it or not.

This is yet another initiative by Indigo Consulting to remind ourselves to share what we have been blessed with.

It’s not too late to light a spark….visit our iGive pledge page and help brighten someone’s life today.

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