Cafe Indigo contest….this one’s different!

Alistair   April 23, 2009   No Comments

Yey! We made it to Round 2.

Shortlisted for Cafe Indigo contest happening for Cama office lounge and cafeteria area.

Gonna do our best of best to win the prize.

Graffiti paint the cafeteria wall. Whacky, wild, creative, different, beautiful.

Taking this up against stalwarts in the office.

Hardly any expectations on us and making the most of it all.

Prize – an iPod Shuffle for each one of us. No less.

Ok, guys the deadline is nearing. No time, what with work, party and all in the pipeline. Need all your support and backing to win it through. We have already started visualising ourselves with our little music thing. Judges are fair enough, so we are sure of fair play.

This one is a question of earning an iPod, respect and being on the wall of fame forever.

And a killer attitude is what is gonna make it for us……We are all for it…

May the best team, the Underdogs that is, win.

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