Adieu to ST-1, Welcoming new office

Alistair   April 2, 2009   4 Comments

People who have never left an old place and felt the parting pain will find it lengthy

We gave a heartfelt farewell to ourselves. It was our last day in the Gala no. ST -1. We shifted to a swankier new place a couple of blocks away from our old place.

When we were shifted to ST- 1, a little more than a year ago, it had felt as if the umbilical cord has been cut off. Little did we know that, this place will give us such beautiful memories and almost stand for the uniqueness of the creative team. Quite soon enough, we warmed up to ST-1 and how!

ST-1. What a Gala number! Canteen guys, Pizza guy, restaurant deliveries & generally everybody would have to be told – S for Singapore, T for Tiger, 1. On the work front, it was our den, apna area. We could raise our voices and speak, do anything with the main office’s occupants :-) No hard feelings, guys. We used to have these long brainstorming sessions in the open. No confined conference rooms for us. Somebody not directly involved in the project too could give in his inputs. Bouquets and brickbats internally and from the PMs were received publicly, which was good.

In the first few months, it wasn’t fully occupied. So, we used up the space by playing handball, mini-cricket and catch ball. We had a dart board there.At lunch time and chai time, we used to sharpen our skills. The technique and strategies were discussed. The bull’s eye was hit by quite a few experts. Actually each one of us has hit, at one time or other. Experts that we are! This was about sports. We even had guitar playing jam sessions after work, mostly on working Saturdays.

And lunch time…….it was crazy. Sharing would be the wrong expression; everybody would grab at each other’s food. And every one would gladly grab back with each other. How can I forget about all those binges we used to indulge in, every once in a while. Sometimes, it would be ice cream, kulfi, pastries or salli or gajar ka halwa or gulab jamun or rasgulla or pizzas. Yummy……… Of course, there were chicken biryani sessions during Eid and after Lent, when we poor veggie souls used to feel deprived. Occasion? Who needs it, anyway. But just for the sake of it, Navin’s wedding anniversary, Mangesh’s b’day party or Dean’s adventurous Goa trip would be it. Most of the times, it would be just like that.

We had a special gifting session for Diwali. Only for ST-1. It was soooo much fun. I think I got the best gift :-)

When we had Indigo Consulting painted on our main door, first-timers visiting the office, used to get flummoxed and think, is this Indigo Consulting??? It was a small, humble place but lovable to the core, to say the least.

There were a few conclusions we had ready by the end of our stay –

  • Every single member of ST-1 is a certified Bhukkhad. How much ever we hide our true personalities, within our comfort zone we are just unstoppable.
  • United we stand, divided we never will be, no matter where we sit or who’s around us.
  • We are the best…..THE BEST……

Now, when we had to leave it, we were feeling lost. The special space that ST-1 had given to the creative team was unbeatable. Guess, we’ll never get that in Cama.

Yeah…we’ll miss you, ST-1.

But here’s to new beginnings and new friendships….. :-)

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