Captain of Delhi team spotted partying at HRC

Mean Lead   May 2, 2008   3 Comments

The newly appointed captain of Indigo Consulting’s Delhi Daredevils, Anurag Bhagat, was spotted letting his hair down at Mumbai’s Hard Rock Cafe. Not only was he drinking away, but was also eyeing a certain “Indian” beauty.

Fortunately it was all part of a planned farewell to Anurag who takes over the helm at our New Delhi operations. After spending a month at Mumbai post jumping ship from Interface Digital, Anurag carries the Mumbai-magic to Indigo Consulting’s 6-strong Delhi office, where Ajay and team have already set course – onwards to greater glory and all that jazz.

Also spotted were Deepak and Manoj – sssssmokin’!!! Besides the usual suspects Satz, Vikas, Pragati, Priti, Samiir – ostensibly there only for the music!!

Long Live HRC and LIIT!


Samiir, Manoj






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