How not to copy a Website Template!

Vikas Tandon   January 4, 2007   No Comments

One company based in Delhi copied our website design template, and we had never known, but Google Analytics helped us discover it.

During our normal routine of web analytics tracking, we came across few unusual keywords driving us traffic. The keywords were not at all related to our business.

This led us to think & research the reason behind it.

Probably some other website was using the same Analytics code that we were using on our website, but why would someone do it, unless unintentionally. May be someone was using our template and source code?

The suspicious keywords resulted couple of sites in Yahoo, unless we discovered one; that had the same template as ours.

By Jove – the competent web designer had copied the whole source code and then Modified few images and content, to launch a brand new website. Thank God he didn’t copy our Home page Flash!

Dear designer, Copying too is an Art…. ;-)

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