A ride on the wild side

Vikas Tandon   November 23, 2006   1 Comment

A couple of weekends back, a few of us from Indigo Consulting went on a cycling+camping trip near Karjat (approx 70-80 kms from Mumbai). The idea was to drive down to a suitable location (read village), unload the bikes, and let the road lead the way. It was great fun (and a lot of work). We road through B-roads and villages, uphill and downhill. Along the way, gears slipped, pedals fell off, brakes jammed, all adding to the sense of adventure. But the best was yet to come.

After having cycled our hearts (and lungs) out, we decided it was time to find a spot to cook and retire. We reached Mhasa village after dark and explored staying in the village school and the village temple. Unfortunately neither was available and we were running out of time. We finally just stopped and unpacked in a clearing across a bridge over a stream. And what a place it turned out to be. Pitching tents, collecting firewood, lighting fires, cooking, drinking, cleaning-up. It was great. But the highlight was an early morning dip and bath in the fresh water stream.

The rest of the day was spent swimming in the Pimpalgaon Dam near Malshej Ghat and then riding downhill on the Ghats.

Must do this again….

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