Our Services

Why conduct usability testing?

  • Because the proof lies in the user's experience
    • Watch actual users interact with your website.
    • Find out what works and what doesn't for your users
    • Save on redesign time and investment post release
  • Because data speaks for itself
    • Examine task completion rates.
    • See how users rate the site for specific parameters
    • Test iteratively to track performance over time
    • Evaluate the user experience
  • Because pretty and clever don't always mean effective
    • Identify a design that suits your brand
    • Check if the redesign has solved existing problems
    • Compare and decide which design delivers better

What we do:

  • Our experts observe real users interact with your website
  • We don't just find problems, we provide solutions
  • We test rigorously across locations to check for variations based on culture

Why get an expert to review your interface?

  • Because it's quick, needs less investment and shows immediate results
    • Get an expert diagnosis of usability issues
    • Get both quick fixes and long-term UX roadmaps
    • Benchmark your site against the competition

What we do:

  • Evaluate your site against benchmarks and best practices
  • Conduct walkthroughs and analyses of key user tasks
  • Use scorecards to provide comparable metrics

Why invest in user research?

  • Because you need to know your users
    • Understand your customers' evolving goals & expectations
    • Generate ideas for innovative features and useful content
    • Stay ahead of the competition

What we do:

  • In-depth interviews with relevant user groups
  • Understand their conceptual task-flow models
  • Discover needs, motivations, emotional associations

Why focus on navigation and interaction?

  • Because how it works is as important as how it looks
    • Create designs that increase value – for you and your users
    • Make navigation intuitive and information easy-to-find
    • Achieve business goals and user satisfaction

What we do:

  • Assimilate your business goals and vision
  • Bring in the user perspective
  • Frame an information architecture incorporating best practices and stated goals
  • Create wireframes of key page and interaction elements

Why interest in UX training?

  • Because the cost of ignoring your users is too high
    • Learn to apply best practices while planning, strategizing and reviewing ongoing web design work
    • Equip your team to take effective design decisions
    • Train your team to think from the user perspective

What we do:

  • Train you in the fundamentals of user-centered design
  • Introduce you to key UX principles, including home page design, navigation, interaction, content and visual design and presentation elements

We've worked with

Client Quotes:

  • "The usability test was well designed, covering almost all parameters of the site like navigational flow, copy, design & also comparison with the existing site."

    -Khyati P. Shah,
    Internet Campaign Manager, HDFC Bank

  • "I have to say that from the initial contact through to final delivery Reshmy (and team) understood our needs and collaborated with professionalism, integrity and above all excellent UX skills to help deliver a very challenging global project. A joy to work with"

    -Sr. Usability Consultant,
    Leading Usability Firm, UK

  • "Our team is very happy with the professionalism, hard work and attention to detail that the UX Labs team brought to the project."

    Leading Usability Firm, UK

We've conducted research with users from -

India, UK, USA, New Zealand, Portugal, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sri Lanka.

Our UXpertise

From insight to interaction, our multidisciplinary team works through the entire design lifecycle to understand your needs and transform them into superior user experiences. Because at UX Labs, creating the perfect user experience isn't just about following rules and making interfaces simple; it's about creating the right experience at the right time.

We Believe

Your goals are our goals

Every engagement with UX Labs begins with activities geared towards understanding your goals and vision.

UX and branding go hand in hand

We ensure that your online user experience is consistent with and builds on the brand experience your consumers have on your other channels.

Design = Science + Art

Good design is the result of continuous ideation and refinement based on actual evidence - either from research in cognitive psychology or on actual users.

Diverse needs, many solutions

UX solutions must be customized to suit your specific vision, needs and limitations.

Innovative design that is usable

It is important to leverage design thinking and new technologies to deliver experiences that are engaging, memorable, persuasive and entice users to return.

  • Maybe they can ask this next time, if I keep filling forms I would not want to continue

    - Participant, Baseline Usability Test for a Health Management website

  • Flashy, animated - looks like an ad… I would just ignore it

    - Participant, Comparative Usability Test for a Bank website

  • I don’t even know what I'm getting out of it so I have no motivation to do this

    - Participant, Baseline Usability Test for a Health Management website

  • Everything is here. I don't have to click and click and click and go on clicking.

    - Participant, Prototype Usability Test for a Bank website

  • I don't care about their MD! Ideally would not like to see this stuff in About Us

    - Participant, Comparative Usability Test for a Bank website

  • What if I don't want to give mobile number? I don't want anyone disturbing me when I'm working

    - Participant, Baseline Usability Test for a Health Management website

  • How is this question relevant?

    - Participant, Baseline Usability Test for a Health Management website

  • Dropdowns are nice - don't have to click to see the page

    - Participant, Prototype Usability Test for a Bank website

  • Confusing! Just like when one walks into a bank and doesn't know whom to approach!

    - Participant, Comparative Usability Test for a Bank website

  • Is there no short 5 minute process where I can get a short overview?

    - Participant, Baseline Usability Test for a Health Management website

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